After being in business for forty years and being bit by 18 years of overdue state & federal tax problems, we contracted with the Sodowsky Law Firm to handle the matter and straighten things out. They were very responsive and resolved all issues in an amazingly short period of time. Elden and his staff know exactly what they are doing and are truly fabulous people to work with. There was no bull or other issues in our dealings. I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS FIRM TO ANYONE LOOKING TO RESOLVE TAX ISSUES IN A VERY CARING AND EFFECTIVE MANNER.

Client, Fairfax County, VA

Mr. Sodowsky has taken on my case, which by no means is an easy one. He has been able to help me through my Federal Tax Audits (3 years!) and correct my own past filing errors. Mr. Sodowsky was able to produce new and amended returns that will help alleviate my tax burden. If you are looking for legal counsel that is knowledgeable, straightforward and responsive, Mr. Sodowsky can be your solution.

Client, Fairfax County, VA

Superb assistance.After I came away from a horrid IRS tax audit, with post-divorce issues to boot, I contacted Mr. Sodowsky who helped navigate me through a payment plan and even got me some abatements from the IRS. He answered each of my questions patiently and always had time to speak with me in person when I requested it. I would not hesitate to recommend him if one has had an IRS audit and now needs to address tax debt.

Matt, Fairfax County, VA


Based out of Fairfax, Virginia, tax lawyer Elden Sodowsky is determined to assist you with your legal needs in two focused areas:

  • Helping you with issues stemming from your taxes and IRS.
  • We would minimize the potential penalties to you if you are suspected of tax fraud or currently under investigation.

Mr. Sodowsky has been assisting clients with IRS tax problems and advising on business set-up and operation for over 25 years. He is extremely knowledgeable in tax and business law and can successfully help you navigate the particulars of your individual legal situation. As a long-time Virginia tax lawyer and resident, Mr. Sodowsky takes pride in serving people in the state and the local community and in working closely with his clients one-on-one to find the best legal solution for their unique situation.

When you don’t want to talk to the IRS, talk to me.

Virginia IRS Lawyer


No matter how hesitant you may be to talk about your tax debts or unfiled federal tax returns, understand that not talking with a IRS attorney about resolving your problems could have serious consequences.

Fairfax Business Lawyer


There are dozens of excuses not to file your tax returns or to continue to owe the IRS money – but there’s no good reason to ignore your tax problems…



Maybe. If the limited liability company is properly set-up and operated properly so that business assets are not commingled with personal assets, the members of the llc are usually not personally liable for the debts of the llc. However, if the llc does not make the required payroll tax deposits, the IRS can come after all the responsible persons for the trust fund portion of the payroll tax deposits.

The Trust Fund portion of payroll taxes is the money that the employer withholds from the employee’s paycheck for federal income tax withholding and the employee’s share of FICA and Medicare (also referred to as the social security tax) tax payment. The Trust Fund portion does not include the employer’s matching portion of the FICA and Medicare payment.

If you cannot pay all your taxes immediately, pay as much as you can now because by paying now, you will reduce the amount of interest and penalty you will owe. The IRS would like you to call, write or come see them to discuss your situation. If you contact the IRS, they will likely ask you to complete a Collection Information Statement and provide documentation to substantiate the information you provide. A Collection Information Statement (Form 433-F, Collection Information Statement (ACS), Form 433-A,Collection Information Statement for Wage Earners and Self-Employed Individuals, and Form 433-B, Collection Information Statement for Businesses) helps the IRS compare your monthly income with your monthly expenses to determine the amount you can pay. The Collection Information Statement also serves as a roadmap to your assets that the IRS will use when it initiates collection actions against you if you do not pay.

You may be eligible for one of several alternatives, depending on your particular financial situation.

  • You may be able to make monthly payments through an installment agreement. You may be able to set up a direct debit from your financial institution or a payroll deduction from your wages or salary.
  • You may qualify for a temporary delay if your case is considered a hardship.
  • In some cases, you may qualify for an Offer in Compromise.

Installment agreements allow the payment of your debt in smaller, more manageable amounts. Installment agreements generally require equal monthly payments that will result in full payment of the tax you owe within the time left in the 10-year period during which the IRS can collect the tax from you. If you cannot pay your tax in full by the end of the collection period, but can pay some of the tax you owe, you may qualify for a partial payment installment agreement.


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Problems with the IRS? We can help.

IRS Tax Relief: Having tax problems can weigh heavily on all aspects of your life, and our IRS attorney in Fairfax, Virginia is here to help you lift that burden from your shoulders. As a lawyer we focus on IRS tax issues. We can help you find a workable solution for your specific tax issues and put these stressful times behind you once and for all.

Tax Liens and Levies: Hiring experienced tax relief attorneys can help avoid or resolve your tax debt. Our Tax relief attorneys help clients negotiate with the IRS with the goal of either reducing their tax debt or making it more manageable. We can also help you with the negative ramifications of unpaid taxes, including tax liens and levies.

Unfiled Tax Returns: If you have unfiled tax returns, we will guide you through the compliance process and will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.

Wage Garnishment: If you need the help to evaluate what you can do to stop the IRS from garnishing your wages. At Sodowsky Law Firm, PC, we have years of experience helping clients with IRS tax debt avoid wage garnishment. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Tax Fraud: If you are under investigation, a Virginia tax fraud lawyer can help you stay out of prison and protect you from other serious consequences. Our job is to minimize the potential penalties to you if you are suspected of tax fraud or currently under investigation.

IRS Tax Audit: You may be unsure of what the IRS is asking for, and how to provide them with adequate information. Our Fairfax IRS attorney can help you navigate the complex aspects of a tax audit. We know exactly what the IRS needs as evidence that your taxes are accurate. We can guide you through this process.