Dedicated to providing current legal information to assist you with business and tax matters.

Fairfax, Virginia business lawyer Elden Sodowsky is dedicated to providing current legal information to assist you with your IRS problems and business matters.  He helps find solutions to his clients income tax and payroll tax debts and issues.  Sodowsky is focused on helping his clients, whether it is setting up a new business or providing needed advice for an already-established company.  He continually offers useful and important legal blogs regarding tax and business cases.


Can the IRS Garnish Social Security?

Social Security garnishment is generally prohibited when it comes to creditors. But the U.S. Government is no ordinary creditor and has the full force of the IRS to perform levies [...]

What Is an IRS Criminal Investigation?

If you are facing an IRS criminal investigation, the impact on your professional and financial well-being can be devastating. An experienced tax lawyer will help ensure that your business doesn't make costly mistakes [...]

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