Dedicated to providing current legal information to assist you with business and tax matters.

Fairfax, Virginia business lawyer Elden Sodowsky is dedicated to providing current legal information to assist you with your IRS problems and business matters.  He helps find solutions to his clients income tax and payroll tax debts and issues.  Sodowsky is focused on helping his clients, whether it is setting up a new business or providing needed advice for an already-established company.  He continually offers useful and important legal blogs regarding tax and business cases.


Can the IRS Take Your Home?

The IRS has the right to seize your home and other property if you fail to pay your federal income taxes. To exercise this authority, the IRS must notify you before they can seize [...]

Update! Virginia Tax Amnesty

If you owe Virginia back taxes, watch your mail for a letter about the Tax Amnesty Program 2017. Earlier this year the Virginia General Assembly enacted provisions approving a tax amnesty [...]

Virginia Tax Return Filing Deadline Missed?

On October 30, 2012, Virginia Tax Commissioner Craing M. Burns announced some relief for businesses and individuals who have missed end of October filing deadlines due to Hurricane Sandy. To [...]

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