Scholarship for College Students


Every year this firm offers a $1,000 scholarship to a U.S. college student who creates the best video essay. The video will discuss one of the following: 1) How I believe I can contribute to society as a lawyer; 2) the most important attribute a lawyer should have; or 3) why I would never want to be a (fill in the blank) attorney..

Our Scholarship Aims To Accomplish Three Goals:

  • Provide financial aid to a deserving student
  • Encourage students to explore the law and legal careers
  • Improve understanding of the importance of attorneys in the U.S. society.

General Information:

To be eligible, you must be an enrolled student in an accredited U.S. college or university. Scholarship application entries are due no later than midnight Eastern Daylight Time August 15th of each year. Scholarships are awarded annually in late August/early September time frame. Entries are judged solely by this law firm. No application fee is required.

How To Enter:

  • Record a video, no longer than 3 minutes, discussing one of the topics defined above.
  • Applicant must appear at least once in the video.
  • Voice over must be in the voice of the applicant.
  • Title the video Sodowsky Law Firm Scholarship | applicant’s full name.
  • Include this link in the description.
  • Share your video on our Facebook page and on your own YouTube channel or on your publicly-shared, Facebook page.

For more information, please email

Video applications for this scholarship are due by midnight Eastern Daylight Time August 15th of each year to be considered for the Fall term of the same year. Late submission will be considered for the following year. The winner will be chosen by our law firm and notified in late August/early September.

Terms and Conditions

You must read these Terms and Conditions in full. By accepting a scholarship from the Sodowsky Law Firm, you acknowledge you have read and agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

If you are offered a scholarship, your details including name, school, photograph, video and scholarship awarded may be passed on to media and used by the Sodowsky Law Firm and / or partner organizations for promotional purposes, including but not limited to Sodowsky Law Firm’s website, social media channels, print and electronic media.  If you do not wish your details to be passed on to media or used for promotional purposes, you must notify the Sodowsky Law Firm in writing with the submission of your application.