We can help you with your tax problems.

Dealing with IRS or state tax collectors can be complicated, confusing, and exhausting.  Waiting to act, or making the wrong decisions, can lead to any number of consequences.  The IRS could file a lien on your home, garnish your paycheck, place a tax levy on your bank account, and demand huge interest and penalties on top of their existing claims. The IRS can force the immediate sale of your home or other properties.  Federal tax collectors can levy on your refunds from the state, city, or municipal tax payments.  State tax collectors can garnish or levy your wages, place a tax levy on your bank account, or place a lien against your property.  Regardless of whether the matter is disagreeing with what the tax collectors think you owe or simply being unable to pay, the attorneys at Sodowsky Law Firm can help.

Sodowsky Law Firm attorneys provide a broad range of assistance to help you through the tax resolution process.  Our goal is to negotiate the lowest possible payment amounts with IRS and state tax collectors, to be paid under the most favorable schedule possible that is allowed by law.  Throughout the process, we do our part to explain the tax resolution environment.  Through these measures, we try to offer you the clearest understanding of what is happening and provide you with helpful advice and a realistic expectation of what will ultimately be the most likely outcomes at the end of the collections process.

Offers in Compromise

Our tax negotiation services include working through offers in compromise with the IRS.  During this series of negotiations, we gather and organize your financial information necessary to disclose to the IRS.  The IRS may believe you intentionally failed to disclose your full income or assets or are trying to hide them through fraudulent transfers.  We can help explain the real reasons that any errors were made, and work with you to limit the damage if they were not completely unintentional. We also help you complete IRS tax forms based upon our knowledge and experience with IRS rules and procedures. Overall, we can increase the chances of a successful resolution of your tax problems by preparing a complete and professional tax information package, including your relevant financial information, and providing helpful analysis explaining why it is in the IRS’s best interest of the IRS to accept your offer in compromise. If the IRS accepts an offer in compromise, you should have several options that will enable you to pay off the settlement without ongoing interest and penalties.

Varied Causes

Tax problems are not unusual and tend to come with a flurry of other crises.  Many Sodowsky Law Firm clients seek our help to manage ordinary but life-changing problems.  They are regular people that may have lost their job, been injured in an accident, suffered a debilitating illness, or are undergoing a personal or business bankruptcy.  Sometimes, they are people who simply filed their tax returns and were completely unprepared for the demands that came back. No matter the reason, facing federal or state tax collectors without the ability to pay them immediately requires experienced help.  You need a knowledgeable partner to work with you to get the best result possible and make sure you can focus on taking care of other pressing needs.

How We Help

There are a number of steps that the attorneys of Sodowsky Law Firm can take to help you with your tax problems.  We can arrange for a power of attorney, contact state and federal tax collectors on your behalf, obtain tax transcripts, and prepare collection information statements using financial statements to document your assets and liabilities and average monthly income and expenses. After determining your ability to pay taxes, we can effectively negotiate with federal and state tax collectors to get the best possible result for you. We can also help you with the numerous deadlines for filing petitions relating to tax assessments and as well as other related processes and events. 

Overall, we can fully handle your legal process, and we have an excellent record of reducing and even eliminating tax liabilities for many people just like you.

The IRS and state tax services offered at Sodowsky Law Firm may not be for everyone.  The tax relief rules are not structured to be universal, but rather to assist people with certain types of problems.  The IRS especially has very strict guidelines governing eligibility.  As such, we will need to review your IRS filings and other documentary information as part of the review process to determine the extent to which we can help you with your tax problems.  If possible, it is always helpful for you to bring your previous communications with the IRS, tax filings, and other relevant documents in an organized format to the office with you.  While collecting and organizing this information can be difficult and frustrating, the time you spend taking care of these basic steps at the beginning usually makes the process much easier as your case progresses.

State Tax Issues

On the state level, Sodowsky Law Firm can help you with a number of challenges. We can review your options with you, which ordinarily include setting up a tax payment plan for your state taxes, negotiating an offer in compromise, and reviewing whether the actions of state tax collectors have been appropriate.  Many state actions can be successfully appealed if tax authorities failed to follow the proper procedures when taking official action against your assets.  

If needed, our attorneys can also speak with you about whether a declaration of bankruptcy should be an option to consider.  If applicable, we can guide you through this process as well. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy could allow you to discharge all your income taxes due to the IRS while still retaining your property.  A Chapter 13 bankruptcy could enable you to stop the accrual of interest and penalties on your tax debts.  This would allow all of your future payments to go towards the actual tax debt itself, rather than towards an ever-growing pile of debt.

U.S. tax laws are complex.  At Sodowsky Law Firm, we know it is hard enough trying to make ends meet.  We can work with you to stop levies on bank accounts or other asset seizures, assess your financial situation, and negotiate with tax collectors to find an affordable solution for you.  Having represented many clients in offers in compromise negotiations and IRS appeals, we know best to proceed.  We encourage you to contact our office for a tax evaluation today.