Tax Lawyer Near Dale City VAUnderstanding your taxes, being audited, and litigating tax disputes are some of the most confusing and time-consuming tasks many Americans face every year. Dealing with any of these circumstances can cause most feel overwhelmed and anxious.  If you are faced with federal and state tax disputes, it’s best to seek help from a seasoned tax lawyer near Dale City VA.

Sodowsky Law Firm, PC services clients nationwide and throughout Northern Virginia in diverse tax cases.  Mr. Sodowsky is an experienced tax lawyer near Dale City VA who works hard to curtail financial hardships related to collections of unpaid taxes, tax audits, and litigation. If you’re interested in understanding the basics of tax audits, tax collection, tax litigation and claims, this article may help.

IRS Audits

If you received a notice that you are being audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you should contact a tax lawyer near Dale City VA straightaway.  IRS tax audits are time-sensitive, time consuming, and could be overwhelming.  For instance, when conducting an investigation of your financial information to assess whether the taxes you paid were sufficient, the IRS auditor may request you provide an accounting of your claimed deductions and expenditures.  One mistake, no matter how minor, may result in serious, long-lasting repercussions.

A tax lawyer near Dale City VA can help you comprehend why you are being audited, and work with you throughout the investigation process by handling most of the audit tasks on your behalf.

IRS Tax Collection

IRS has substantial authority to recover unpaid taxes.  This includes imposing:

  • Tax Levies: Ability to seize your property and assets
  • Tax Liens: File a legal claim, or lien, against all of your property, even if you acquired the property post-filing.

You may be eligible for tax relief despite owing unpaid taxes.  Our skilled tax lawyer near Dale City VA can help you to avoid and resolve tax liens and levies by conducting, among other procedures, negotiations and appeals.  For instance, we can effectively negotiate a reduction or restructuring of your tax debt.

IRS Tax Litigation

Even though federal tax issues are frequently settled outside of the courtroom, there are cases that may require a court hearing.  Your litigation options depend on the nature of your tax dispute.

The first step is determining the best court to litigate your tax dispute, which may include one or more of the following courts:

  • Tax Court: Tax court judges specialize in tax law, using their extensive knowledge to resolve the multitude tax disputes on their docket. Unlike the other tax-related courts and forums, you do not need to first pay your assessed taxes to request a hearing in Tax Court.
  • S. District Court: United States District Court (“District Court”) judges review, amongst other legal disputes, tax issues.  If you have exhausted your administrative remedies and paid your assessed taxes, you may request the District Court for a refund.  Unlike other courts authorized to hear tax-related disputes, you may request a jury trial in the District Court.
  • Federal Bankruptcy Court: Judges in bankruptcy court can assess the veracity of the IRS tax bills and liens and discharge particular unpaid taxes.
  • Court of Federal Claims: Situated in the District of Columbia, the Court of Federal Claims handles numerous tax disputes.  If you paid your assessed taxes, you could petition for a refund with the Court of Federal Claims.  Your tax lawyer near Dale City VA may evaluate your tax dispute and help you decide whether filing with the Court of Federal Claims is beneficial.

Deciding the best forum to litigate your tax dispute is an important step, but litigation also requires extensive knowledge of tax laws and superior legal skills to present your evidence, argue your position and to successfully conduct negotiations.  Our tax lawyer near Dale City VA can develop a persuasive and effective litigation strategy to meet your needs and goals.

Business and Corporate Tax Claims

Business and corporate owners are must adhere to many federal and state tax obligations.  To safeguard your company’s reputation and financial well-being, a tax lawyer near Dale City VA can aggressively work to resolve your business and employment tax issues with you.  These issues may include:

  • IRS tax collections
  • IRS tax audits
  • Obligations for tax withholdings
  • Tax penalties
  • Classification of employees
  • Officer compensation
  • Virginia state tax issues

Virginia State Tax Problems

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Taxation collection of unpaid taxes is less formal compared to the IRS but they are still aggressive.  Utilizing our wealth of experience and knowledge of tax and business laws and practices, we can construct creative strategies and solutions for your state tax and local tax problems.

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