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  • You’re too busy.
  • You don’t know where to start.
  • You think you don’t have the money to pay now.
  • You are so far behind you don’t know what to do.
  • You’re afraid if you file now, you’ll get in trouble.

There are dozens of excuses not to file your tax returns or to continue to owe the IRS or Virginia money. But there’s no good reason to continue to ignore your tax problems. Whether you already have a federal tax lien against your property, have not filed tax returns for several years, or are struggling with back taxes or income tax debt or payroll tax debt, you need to seek legal advice immediately.

When you don’t want to talk to the IRS or Virginia Department of Taxation, talk to me.

I spend each day talking with people like you in our community and helping them draw up plans to resolve their income tax, payroll tax, and other IRS problems. With over 35 years of business and legal experience in service to the people of Northern Virginia, I understand the pressure you are under and the stress and fear that you might be feeling regarding your tax issues.

You are not alone. According to an analysis done by the IRS in 2016, Americans owe approximately $458 billion in taxes that are not paid voluntarily and timely. Even though it may be overwhelming to you to think about how you might settle your debts or reclaim the rights to your property, our IRS attorney can tell you that your problems won’t go away until you decide to do something about them. Having tax problems can weigh heavily on all aspects of your life, and we are here to help you lift that burden from your shoulders.

No matter how hesitant you may be to talk about your tax debts or unfiled federal tax returns, understand that not talking with an IRS attorney about resolving your problems could have serious consequences:

  • TAX LIENS can be filed against your properties by county, state, or federal jurisdictions for failure to pay income taxes, payroll taxes, or property taxes. A tax lien can result in poor credit, difficulty in procuring loans or buying new property, and even a tax sale of your property.
  • GARNISHMENTS, on either your wages or your property (including bank and savings accounts) or your wages, can make it difficult to pay your other bills, support your family, or continue to run your business.
  • TAX LEVIES result in the seizure of your property, including your wages, bank and savings accounts, your car, business assets, possibly uprooting your family or even the end of your business.
  • CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS for tax fraud could lead to criminal charges and imprisonment.

Contact Our Fairfax IRS Attorney

As a lawyer who focuses on IRS tax issues, I offer clients the chance to stop worrying about the safety of their property and assets and the security of their family and finances. If you contact me, we can work together to find the best solution for your individual problem. This is your chance to talk with a Virginia tax lawyer who not only understands the system, but who will treat you personally as a mutual member of the community that we both care about.

Don’t continue to worry about your income tax problems – talk to me about reclaiming your life from the IRS.

Call my office today at 703.436.1176 to schedule your consultation or fill out the contact form provided. I can help you find a workable solution for your specific issues and put these stressful times behind you once and for all.

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