Why Did the IRS Send Me a Certified Letter?

irs certified letter Sometimes the IRS or Virginia Department of Taxation will send people certified mail. If you are worried about having received an IRS certified letter, you should watch this video to find out more about it and why the tax authorities might be sending you a certified letter.

Maybe you are not sure why the IRS is sending you a certified letter. Is it possible that you owe more taxes than you paid? Whether you owe the IRS a lot of money or a little amount of money, they will generally send you a certified letter to your address. The reason they send the letter by a certified carrier is to have legal proof that they sent you a notice on a certain date and to your address of record. In fact, all the taxing authorities have to do to meet their legal requirement is to prove they sent you a certified letter. This means that not picking the letter up or opening it will not help you.

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