If you owe the IRS money and need help resolving your tax issues, you have come to the right place. This website is designed to answer some of your questions and assist you in contacting a tax attorney to help you with your tax problems.

If you choose the Sodowsky Law Firm to help you during this time, your case will be handled by an experienced tax attorney. In addition to attorney Elden Sodowsky working on your tax issues, you will also be hearing from two office staff workers who will be working on your case. We ask that you respond to everyone in a timely manner so that your tax problems can be resolved as quickly as possible. Our office is a team, and we are here to help resolve your IRS tax issues. If you are in a business and looking to resolve IRS issues, you should seek professional advice from a Virginia tax lawyer to minimize your chances of an IRS audit.

Are you stressed by IRS tax issues?

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