If the IRS has put a IRS tax lien on your home in Virginia, you may be wondering if you can sell it or refinance the mortgage even though there is a federal tax lien on your property. Watch this video to find out the answer to this question.

Because you owe the IRS money, they can put a IRS tax lien on your home for security of payment of your tax debt. While it may make sense that they are protecting the government’s interest and want to get paid ahead of other creditors, they cannot get paid ahead of mortgage lenders. There is a special process that you can go through to get the IRS to discharge the property from the lien or release the lien for the sales process. While you can sell your home with an IRS tax lien on it, you should work with a tax attorney who is knowledgeable about the process. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorney will help you with IRS Tax Lein and assist you to get a financial fresh start.

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