Many of our potential clients want to know how our Virginia tax and business advising law firm resolves IRS  tax problems. We explain more about our process in this video. Watch here to learn more.

After our initial meeting with you, we generally work with you through email, fax and mail to collect paperwork. Since resolving tax problems is mainly an administrative process, we typically deal with revenue officers at the IRS via telephone, mail and fax. Many people assume we are standing in front of judges negotiating their case, but we are actually communicating with IRS revenue officers over the phone. Throughout the entire process, our clients can contact us for updates or with questions at any time. Most cases are resolved no sooner than six to nine months.

If you are in a contracting business, you should seek professional advice from a Virginia tax lawyer to minimize your chances of an IRS audit.

Do not wait too long because irs tax problems can multiply if they are not paid attention to right from the beginning.

If you would like to hire a Northern Virginia tax attorney for your IRS issue, call the Sodowsky Law Firm today at 703.476.1176 to schedule your confidential consultation. Please also check out our website at to learn more about the process and get answers to our most frequently asked questions.