I reached out to Elden to work in tandem with my bankruptcy attorney who did not offer IRS/tax representation. Now, being a seasoned sales professional (commission base income) there are things that happen and I got myself into a pickle! Note to self, the IRS will always come for what is theirs and it’s SCARY! I am so glad that I found Elden to help me figure it all out! I was seeking advice as to how to handle a tax liability from several years before and how that could/would affect my bankruptcy filing among other legal ramifications. After many different options as to how to best handle my very personal and what seemed to me complicated case (subjective of course), he was always knowledgeable, easy to talk with, approachable and expressed points clearly and with competence. At the end of the day he made me feel like I had a safety net in place and he would catch anything that might come of my decisions and situation. It is a hard thing to face financial failure and mistakes, but, he NEVER made me feel less than nor awkward. I felt and still feel empowered to make the right decisions for my financial future while maintaining my dignity (which is hard to maintain with these types of financial matters). He always made me feel welcome! His assistant Dawn is great, too. She is simply delightful and so efficient! I would highly recommend Elden in the future. Although I hope to never have to retain his services again (I mean who really wants to have to retain a tax attorney, it is usually not a good thing!) would not hesitate to call upon him to help. I have no reservations to letting my colleagues, friends and family know of his good work. EXCELLENT JOB.

Tax Client, Fairfax, VA