What Your Accountant Never Told You!

Millions of U.S. citizens find themselves at odds with the IRS.In fact over $200,000,000,000 (that’s 200 Billion Dollars) is owed to the IRS in taxes, penalties and interest.

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Do they really think they’re going to collect this money?Personally I don’t think so!They know that many people simply don’t have the money to pay these old tax liabilities.

But have they given up trying? Of course not!

Will the IRS just roll over and play dead on these old tax liabilities? Never.. .because it would ruin their reputation.

They would lose all credibility to collect current taxes. It could cause the entire tax system to break down.It might even cause the U.S. Government to cease to exist.

So it’s fair to say, “The IRS will not stop trying to harass taxpayers who owe old taxes!”

But how are they going to collect old taxes from the taxpayers who just can’t pay?We know they won’t declare amnesty, so they’ll have to do something else.

Well, quietly the IRS has been trying to solve this problem of collecting old taxes from taxpayers that simply don’t have what they owe . . . and what they have been doing may surprise you! In fact, it shocks most taxpayers.

Don’t spend another day worrying about the consequences of your tax debts. I can answer the questions you might be hesitant to ask anyone else. I can help you find peace of mind and get your finances back on track.

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