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How a Tax Lien Can Affect Your Chances of Getting New Credit

Tax Lien AttorneyTax liens may not appear on your credit report, but they’re public records, so they can still affect your ability to get approved for credit. 

That’s because a tax lien indicates that you’ve had trouble paying your financial obligations. What’s more, one of the assets the IRS can place a lien on is your bank account, which can impact your ability to make future debt payments. 

In both cases, lenders may consider you to be a risky borrower, and if you’re not denied entirely, you may be subject to higher interest rates. 

A tax lien can also impact your financial well-being in other ways. In addition to existing assets, the lien may also apply to future assets you acquire. If the IRS seizes your bank account funds, it could impact your ability to meet other existing financial obligations.

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